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Alarm System Installation

Perhaps one of the least known services provided by professional locksmiths- like those in our team here at Locksmith San Francisco- is our proficiency and service providing high-grade security! We aren’t just lock and key people, although with a fully mobile team of highly trained locksmiths we do spend a lot of time around them. No, the truth is we are security people. Perhaps in tradition we are the oldest security folks around. And for our team, we consider providing the best security to be one of the most important services we provide. Whether you own a home or business, it is our intention to help our clients customize a security plan and alarm system installation that will provide the greatest protection for those things or people that are precious or important to you!

Various Alarm Systems

When it comes to choosing the security system you’re going to have around your office or home, we want to help you find those layers that will be best for your needs. There are many different ways to do security, from security that uses natural surveillance to high-grade security with specialty locks. We do our best to help you use four-layer security that utilizes natural, physical, electronic monitoring and alarm system.

  • Natural surveillance utilizes the layout of your office to make sure that the doorways can be clearly seen and that there is a controlled flow of access.
  • Physical security is exactly what it suggests- those elements that are brought together to protect you as your first line of defense. This includes your deadbolts, master key system and all locks and keys.
  • Electronic monitoring refers to CCTV motion detection equipment; this kind of equipment can be as complex as infrared lasers and as simple as two magnets.
  • Finally, the alarm: the part where your security system informs you there is an intruder.

Devising systems that utilize these layers will be the greatest way to ensure that you’re protected.

Why Choose Us

When you’re choosing a locksmith to help you install your new alarm system, we hope you will choose our team here at Locksmith San Francisco. We not only help you communicate your needs and customize a system to fit; we will make ourselves available to you 24/7 in case you need assistance or maintenance. We have an honest pricing policy that is set in place to ensure that you get the most affordable prices possible. And we’re an active part of the community with a strong background, so you can trust that we’ll be here for you for many years to come.