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Commercial locksmith

Regulation of the Private Security Industry

Regulation of the private security industry Locksmiths have a very important role in securing the safety of all homeowners and business owners. In the state of California, a locksmith should have undergone a proper on-the-job training and certification program to … Read more

safe pets

Keeping Your Pets Safe At Home

According to federal government statistics, some kind of pet is to be found in most American homes. About 30% of American families own dogs, the same percentage is true for cats (mind you, many families own both a dog and … Read more

Key copying App

Key copying App

Key copying app is becoming popular nowadays. By downloading this app through a smartphone, you do not have to call a locksmith to duplicate your keys. The question is, would it be safe to use a key copying app? Basically, … Read more

mobile locksmith

What to look for in a mobile locksmith

Take one look in the Yellow Pages – or on Yell.com or Google for that matter – and you’ll soon discover an excess of locksmiths looking for your business. Finding the right one can be a tough ask, especially if … Read more

locksmith app

Locksmith Apps Raise Key Concerns

We live in an age where technology is advancing in an unprecedented, almost mind boggling, pace. Sometimes technological innovations developed with the aim of making our lives easier are misused and become a real threat. It seems this may be … Read more

Protect Your Valuables

4 Ways To Protect Your Valuables In Your Home

Best Bay Locksmith has rounded up a few ways to protect your valuables in your home in San Francisco. Read on to find out how to trick potential burglars into thinking someone’s home when you’re away, and other protective measures. … Read more

How to Pick a Locksmith Company

How to Pick a Locksmith Company

Are you having trouble deciding on a locksmith company? The following list of helpful tips should give you a clear indication of things to look for when hiring a professional locksmith: Reliability – Easily the most important aspect of any … Read more

Ignition Key Replacement

Ignition Key Replacement

Ignition Key Replacement Services for San Francisco There’s undeniably so many reasons why your ignition key isn’t turning. For one, your steering wheel might be locked in a position where it’s preventing the key from turning. That’s a possibility. Another … Read more