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How to Pick a Locksmith Company

Published on 2014-12-20

Are you having trouble deciding on a locksmith company? The following list of helpful tips should give you a clear indication of things to look for when hiring a professional locksmith:

  • Reliability – Easily the most important aspect of any locksmith provider. You need to know that the technician will arrive on time. You don’t have time to spare when you’re miles away from your home. A professional should take between thirty to forty minutes to reach your location, give or take traffic. They should also give you a head’s up when they are close by to help reduce stress.

  • Certification – There are plenty of imposters floating around out there, claiming to be “experts”. The proof is always in writing! ALOA is the official standard certification for all major locksmiths. Ask them if they are certified by ALOA, which is the Associated Locksmiths of America. You can always double check with your local BBB for added measures.

  • Cost – A cheap company doesn’t necessarily translate to a great company. You should always make sure you receive a printed quote in advance, stating all the charges and services in the event that a dispute arrises. A good locksmith will have absolutely no qualms letting you call up a few other numbers before negotiating figures with them. Remember, reliability comes first.

  • Referrals – Some locksmiths dodge this subject, while others embrace it with open arms. A reputable provider will take great pride in presenting a few referrals for you to check with. Beware of companies that stall or give shaky answers, as they usually having something to hide. Once again, you can use your BBB as a reference point to see if the locksmith had any prior complaints lodged against them.

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