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Keeping Your Pets Safe At Home

Published on 2016-05-24

According to federal government statistics, some kind of pet is to be found in most American homes. About 30% of American families own dogs, the same percentage is true for cats (mind you, many families own both a dog and a cat), fish tanks are very common as are hamsters, guinea pigs, parakeets and other birds, several kinds of reptiles, even some monkeys and other exotic animals.

Some pets are more accustomed to sharing our homes with us, others are basically untamable and as such their behavior whilst living with us is identical to that which characterizes them in the wild.
Anyone who owns a pet is obliged to cater to all their needs, not to mention keeping them safe. In this blog post we bring you some pointers which will help you pet proof your home.

Keep Your Pets from Wandering

header16_0Making certain no harm comes to your pet/pets at home is no simple matter, cats and dogs naturally pose the biggest challenge, since they are inquisitive and will wander and explore any area they can get to. Restricting the area in which you allow your pets to roam is a must, this may be achieved by installing pet proof locking mechanisms, a locksmith who has experience with pet proofing will be able to solve any pet roaming restriction challenge.

Fences and Garden Gates

In homes with yards it is a shame not to be able to let your pet enjoy spending time outdoors while not being able to leave the yard. The way to do this is by putting up adequate fences and installing a gate that is easy for you to operate but impossible for your dog to open by themselves.
So far as garden gates go if you are installing one or need to refit a lock on an existing gate it is important that you let the locksmith doing the job know that you have a pet that must be kept from exiting the yard unattended. The locksmith will then know which kind of lock is best in your case, they may also advise you to make use of a bolt, a simple and many times very effective pet proofing measure.

Pet Doors

Pet doors enable you to lockup and still allow your pet to enter or exit a certain room or a porch. When a pet door is fitted on a door that leads out of the house and into the yard it will allow your pet to easily and independently exit and renter your home. A locksmith can fit a pet door on any door you choose, it is important to have the job done professionally so that the door is not damaged.

Finally, always be on the watch out for things that may be dangerous to your pets. It may be that your pet’s behavior has changed in a way which demands that new measures are taken or that things have changed in your home in a way which gives rise to new dangers. Remember that you are responsible for your pet’s safety, both at home and out.