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Popularity of locksmith apps raises key concerns

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Locksmith Apps Raise Key Concerns

Published on 2015-02-23

We live in an age where technology is advancing in an unprecedented, almost mind boggling, pace. Sometimes technological innovations developed with the aim of making our lives easier are misused and become a real threat. It seems this may be the case with locksmith apps, apps which enable ordering duplicate keys (which are then sent by post) by digitally forwarding pictures (“snap shots”) of the key we need duplicated.

Created With Intent of Saving Time and Hassel

Locksmith apps were undoubtedly created with good intent. By using the app we save ourselves the trouble of physically taking the key we need copied to the local hardware store, in the same way we no longer have to consider the option of calling in a locksmith tech to duplicate our key on spot.

Locksmith apps allow us to take snap shots of both sides of the key we want to duplicate and then send these photographs via the app. A duplicate will then be made and forwarded to us by post. A neat service no doubt but one that may be quite easily abused by anyone planning to burglarize our home or business.

Unlawful Use of Locksmith Apps

Locksmith apps are meant to be used by those who genuinely need copies of keys they possess and use. However, there is little stopping anyone who has the chance to take close enough pictures of our keys to have hard copies of them made and then use the unlawfully gotten keys to enter our home or business in order to steal from us. The possibility of having copies of our keys made without us knowing is troubling to say the least, it poses a real security risk which ought to be addressed.

Keeping Our Keys Close

Although locksmiths who offer online key cutting through use of locksmith apps claim to take measures to ensure they only process legitimate orders we should not dismiss the need to make the necessary lifestyle alterations called for in light of these new apps. In general what we should do is minimize the possibility of having our keys photographed. Practically this means not leaving our keys unattended, for instance it is no longer a good idea to give our house keys along with our car keys (at the auto shop for instance).