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CCTV surveillance or closed-circuit television surveillance is starting to become common security equipment. It is used in commercial as well as residential properties in order to enhance business and home security and to discourage property crimes. CCTV surveillance cameras can be found in various public spaces where they are also used to monitor traffic and transport safety.

CCTV surveillance system uses video cameras technology which transmits the film captured in its cameras to a limited group of monitors (as opposed to broadcast TV that transmits openly). The CCTV cameras can be pointed toward one central location, such as the entrance or a cashier, or it can be move around a certain areas and document the happenings in different locations.

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If you want to improve your home or business security by installing a CCTV surveillance system, call us at (415) 422-9589. Best Bay San Francisco is a certified locksmith company with the knowledge and the equipment to install, repair and replace the most advanced surveillance systems in your residential or commercial property. By contacting a certified locksmith to install a CCTV system, you are guaranteed that your home or office security is laid in the hands of professionals who has the knowledge and the equipment to install advanced security camera systems. Professional locksmiths who specialize in installing CCTV cameras can usually repair and replace the systems in time of need.