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File Cabinet Locks for Higher Security & Privacy

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File cabinet locks are commonly installed in offices and event private residents and their main purpose is to protect confidential files from unwanted viewers. File cabinet locks provide better security for sensitive information such as financial records, personal files, business projects and even valuables such as money or jewelry.
If you want to ensure better safety for your sensitive files, call a local locksmith to install file cabinet locks that suit your specific needs.
There are several types of file cabinet locks: from simple key-based cabinet locks to the most advanced keyless technologies that use coded locking mechanism. Choosing a type of file cabinet lock depends on various factors including the desired level of protection, the usability, budget and more. Before calling a locksmith to install a lock or locks to your file cabinets, read about the basic types of file cabinet locks:

Key Cabinet Locks

There are several types of key cabinet locks:

  • Pin tumbler key – the simplest, most popular type of file cabinet lock
  • Tubular tumbler or an ace lock – a variation of the tumbler key that comes in a cylinder shape
  • Camlock – a type of key cabinet lock with an automatic closing.

In all types of key-based cabinet locks you can use pad locks for improved security and privacy.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks for file cabinets come in various sizes and levels of sophistications including locks that use electronic locking systems, others locks are powered by an electronic device powered by a camera and lifting pins, offer coded locking mechanism and a set of passwords for different users and provide high level of security for files and documents.
Contact your local locksmith to get detailed information on the best file cabinet locks for your safety needs. Call now (415) 422-9589