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Whether you run a big business or a small one, there are certain things that should be given the same attention and priority: taxes, hiring the right people, and security. For the small business owner, security can seem especially daunting. Many security companies will try to convince you that security systems are expensive or require a large amount of hardware and installation. But for our team of professional locksmiths, we believe that quality security doesn’t need to be expensive or complex. Rather, it needs to be done right, so instead of CCTV and motion detectors, good locks and strategic installation can do the job well. For many businesses, something as simple as access control can do a lot for your security.

Access Control & Master Key Systems

Access control simply means to give the right people the power to enter all areas of the business while keeping out those who don’t need access. Master key systems have a particular mechanical function that allows one key to open all the locks in a building, while regular keys open only specific locks. Here at Locksmith San Francisco, we help businesses large and small install high quality master key systems for better access control and security in their businesses.

Installing Master Key Systems

Master lock installation simply begins by assessing which areas of the business should have more controlled access. Once this is known, then the pins in the locks can be reset for the right combination. Within the tumbler of the lock are contained two pins in a shaft and springs that are placed in a particular sequence with a key cut to match. With a master key system, the biggest difference is that three pins are used per shaft so that two different keys can line up the pins and allow the cylinder to turn and the door to open. Our technicians carefully set the pins and springs in the proper order so that each door allows the master key to open it as well as its unique regular key.

Why Choose Us

When you are looking to design the right custom security for you and your business needs, trust a team that’s been serving business owners in this community for years. Our team at Locksmith San Francisco is not only highly trained, but we’re efficient and love our work. Take control of your business with the simple and effective help of a master key system.