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What to look for in a mobile locksmith

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What to look for in a mobile locksmith

Published on 2015-03-26

Take one look in the Yellow Pages – or on Yell.com or Google for that matter – and you’ll soon discover an excess of locksmiths looking for your business. Finding the right one can be a tough ask, especially if you need emergency locksmith assistance. To help you on the road to finding the perfect mobile locksmith, Best Bay Locksmith has devised this list of eight things to look for.

  1. Services available

 First and foremost, it’s essential you establish that the locksmith you’re looking at can provide the assistance you need. Any decent mobile locksmith should be able to cut keys, pick locks and provide lockout assistance, but it’s always worth checking beforehand.

  1. Service area

 It’s not uncommon to come across a locksmith advertising way outside of their service area. It’s also not uncommon to come across a locksmith that will be willing to travel hundreds of miles to get to you, only to charge for mileage. Be sure then to check any locksmith’s service area and try to find a local locksmith in the process.

  1. Working hours

 There are plenty of 24-hour locksmiths out there. There are also those that stick to traditional office hours. Check then that the locksmith is able to help you when you need help.

  1. Response time

 There’s no way you want to be waiting around for a locksmith, which means a quick response time is essential. Local locksmith companies will generally arrive sooner.

  1. Qualifications

 Before you select any mobile locksmith, you need to establish whether he or she is qualified to undertake the task at hand. Ask about training and credentials, and, if your state requires such, ask about bonding and licensing. Upon arrival, always check your locksmith’s ID to ensure you’re dealing with the right person.

  1. Reputation

 The best way to find a suitable locksmith is to ask your family and friends who they’ve used and if they would recommend them. Failing this, use online methods (Yell.com, social media, etc.) to learn more about the locksmith’s reputation. If possible, ask for testimonials and references from past customers.

  1. Liability coverage

 Always ensure the locksmith you choose has the correct liability coverage and insurance premiums, which will protect you in the event something goes wrong.

  1. Cost

 Finally, always ask a mobile locksmith for a quote upfront, and then compare this with other locksmith companies out there. The last thing you want is to be hit with unexpected charges.

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